does your business starts with an order on Phone?

We automate your business from picking calls to the delivery. 

Turn your mobile device into full fledge call center. If you sell on call , offline or online, we have solution to automate your business.We have all in one solutions for billing, accounting, order management and crm and more

Setup Your Own Call Center

Our CallCenterApp convert your phone into call center, when you get a call it automatically shows users profile with order history, even you can accepts order while on call and process it as per your need, it has everything your business needs. We can have all your team accessing same time in real time. 

Accept Online Order

Our simple ecommerce solutions allows your customer to place order online, you get order detail in same call center App. It allows you to save time for you and your customers both.This is an optional feature incase you want to target online otherwise our App works best for offline clients.

Go Offline/Online

Our App works both offline and Online so your customers are always happy with single solution. We take care of backup and security so you never loose your important data even when mobile is lost, we can easily restore on new device.  

How it Works ?

Suppose customer placed an order on call, immediately device in Kitchen will have order data, and once they change status to Ready , delivery boy will pickup and deliver. 



Manage CustomersManage StockManage OrderManage PurchasesReportsOrder Channel
Customer ProfileCurrent StockChange StatusManage SupplierDaily SalesIn Store and Phone Order
 Credit HistoryRe StockShare DetailsSave expensesStaff CommisionsOnline Order


Rs. 10,000/ year Only. 

Special discount of Rs. 4000 if you are small business owner.